Create a Mourning Support Card Template


Capture the memory of your loved one in a way that fits right into your pocket, purse or wallet.

This detachable Doscard™ is mounted on a double sided A5 replica Support Card, which in turn can be framed and placed on a mantle piece or desk top.

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When loved ones pass it is important to cherish those special memories they shared with us. This Doscard™ Double Sided A5 Replica Support Card includes our Doscard™ (Detachable Order of Service Card) and is for those that want to recall the moments and share them with others as well.

What makes this card so great: It can be framed and placed on a mantlepiece or desktop and it also included the Doscard™ (Detachable Order of Service Card) which can be easily detached and carried in pockets or purses for easy use.

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