You can personalise your preferred Doscard document by completing the following steps:

NB: Please refer to these simple steps frequently whilst preparing your booklet by clicking on the “Need Help” tab found at the left side of each editorial page.

NB: We strongly recommend that you watch the short tutorial video at the bottom of this page.

Step 1: Choose Your Template

Select the “Order Now” tab and choose from the dropdown which template you would like to use.

Step 2: Personalise Your Design

Once you have selected your booklet, “Specify the Quantity” that you require and then select the “Customise Design“. From here the Doscard Product Editor will launch.

Step 3: Input Loved One’s Details

Each template is formatted and laid out pertaining to the chosen denominational service, so all you need to do, is input the relevant information into each text box pertaining to your loved one. NB: Always double click the text box you wish to edit (until the outline turns red ) highlight and delete any existing wording contained within and then simply paste or type in your relevant information into the empty text box. If you make a mistake you can go back one step at a time by clicking on the back arrow found at the top of each editorial page.

If you wish to reposition the text box either up, down, left or right, simply click on the text box once (until the outline turns blue) and use the cursor arrows to move it to your desired position. NB: After repositioning the text box, ensure that all the text remains within the red perforated lines where applicable.

Step 4: Choose Pre-made Reading, Hymn, Prayer or Psalm

If you don’t know which reading, poem, hymn or psalm you would like to use, then don’t worry as we have provided numerous examples of First and Second readings, poems, hymns and psalms in our library. You can find these within the editor along the left side of each page or by selecting the “Need Help” tab and choosing your preferred option. You can then copy and paste your selected text into the relevant text box. Remember to highlight and copy the desired text and then use the tabs Ctrl +V to paste it into the relevant text box.

Step 5: Preview & Submit

At any time you can click the Download button at the top of each page to view your progress in real size format. Once completed, carefully preview your document ( by clicking the red “Preview” button at the top of the page) to ensure that no mistakes were made. If you wish to make amendments or edit your document simply click the “Cancel” button which will take you back to the editor and allow you to make your amendments. When you are satisfied that your document is completed to your satisfaction simply click the “Preview ” button again followed by the “Submit” button. At this point we encourage you to click the: “Download” Button, followed by the: “Download Arrow” (located at the top of the page when the PDF appears on your screen) to retain a copy of your document to your device for future reference.

Step 6: Place the order

The final step is for you to click the “Add to Basket” button whereby you will be asked to enter your address and payment details to allow your order can be placed. All orders received and confirmed by 1pm are guaranteed to be delivered to your nominated address before 8pm the following day Monday – Saturday


Should I do this on the laptop or mobile?

Our first release works the best on the desktop, in particular using Google Chrome browser. We look to provide better support for mobile in future releases.

How can I copy and paste a Poem, Prayer, Reading, Hymn or Psalm from the library ?

To copy a poem, prayer, reading, hymn or psalm from another website you’ll need to use your computers shortcut keys on your keyboard.

To paste the text into a text box in your design, you’ll need to click on the text box in our editor and then place your cursor in the spot within your text box that you’d like to paste, then all you have to do is use your computers shortcut keys to paste.

Shortcut keys:

COPY TEXT – use the shortcut keys on your keyboard to copy your text:

(PC users press Ctrl + C)
(Mac users press Command key ⌘ + C)

PASTE TEXT – use the shortcut keys on your keyboard to paste your text:

(PC users press Ctrl + V)
(Mac users press Command key ⌘ + V)

Getting Started Video Below